err heads up...I might end up cancling my meet all together due to tooth pulling the monday fo the week of the party....and I might not be 100%...I'll give a full answer later but for now, just a heads up


Date: 11/25/2017 · Time: 03:00pm
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Needs a Ride:

Whelp....due to popular demand I will have my party as planned only at the end of NOVEMBER rather than october, since a few life things got in the way. I'm not sure if I'll have pumpkin carving due to the time of year but I might introduce a grab bag of sorts...

I might do an alternative contest and winners get to pick a prize from a random stuff grab bag! I have a lot of small things I don't want, so might as well use them for prizes right?


oo sounds fun!


Should be able to.

Hey guys the person that did this work does take commissions, he's new to the commission scene and honestly I'm kind of doing this for him because he thinks he sucks and he doesn't and he does anthro feral and pokemon art too! he's fast too but don't overload him yet, let him get a taste of how art hungry you fluffballs are! oh and he just turned 18 so let's not ask for smut yet...since I'm not sure he's willing to do that ok guys?

Hey! im trying to set up a long island furry discord channel. if anyone wants to come in in and help me out with it that'd be neat!


i have kicked the wrong account i feel shitty

Ok I need your input guys...should I even bother hosting my party this year (due to circumstances beyond my control it would be the last weekend of november...yes things are that insane right now) or should I do a full cancel?


I can go for end of November personally.

Dave And Busters Meet (Dale's Meet)

Date: 10/12/2017 · Time: 07:00pm
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Posting this for Dale since he is unable to get on the LI furs site.

Dave and Busters offers eat and play combos that allow you to get dinner and play games for about 20$ USD. Some combos are more expensive then this.


I'm pretty sure it's Wednesdays and not Thursdays that are half off games. The $20 eat and play thing is still there everyday though


Yeah, that was my mistake. I told Adal the wrong thing. Wednesday's are half price. My apologies

I just remembered my password and because things have been hectic I haven't thought about my party...and I'm not sure if I'm having it or not this year...I'll let you know later...