I'm home for the weekend! Bar meet.

Date: 09/22/2017 · Time: 07:30pm
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Hey guys! I'm gonna be home for the weekend, so I figured I would have a little bar get together. Probably gonna bar hop a bit, and no idea how late we're gonna stay out.

I shouldn't have to say this, but if you're not 21, please don't come to the bar meet, you won't be able to get into the bars.

Bowling at amf smithtown

Date: 09/18/2017 · Time: 08:00pm
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Hello everyone,

Come bowl at amf smithtown with furries Buy food and get to bowl shoes included. Or Just come and hang out with us Fursuiters welcome

Ruby Croc

I would love to come!! Need a ride though ;w;

Hey guys! Wanted to share my new FA. It's http://www.furaffinity.net/user/alioth-r91/ though I barely use it. Hope you enjoy <3

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Hello my (fursona's) name is Axel. I reside in massapequa park and am relatively new to the fandom. Was pretty sure I was the only one on LI till i found this website. It is very nice to meet all of you.

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Hello, my real name is David. Sam Woof is my fursona. I'm a cartoonist and I like to draw animal characters. So much that I wanted to share my interests with others. I am from Long Island and I'm happy I'm not the only furry here after discovering this group.


Helloo and welcome!

Birthday Hangout/Movie, then Dinner @ Croxleys (at 7 or 8)

Date: 09/14/2017 · Time: 03:00pm
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EDIT: I wasn't clear because I am a butt. Sorry! At about 3ish or so is when we'll be at Gadas' house for hanging out and a movie. Around 7 or 8 PM we'll all be going to Croxley's for dinner and stuff.

Well, courtesy of Gadas being an awesome person, I'll be having a little birthday meet at his place (emphasis on little), probably watching a movie or something, and then at about 7 or 8, we'll be going over to Croxleys for dinner! (And drinks for those up for that!) I'll be looking at 7 or 8 PM for this, though if enough people wanna come along but won't be out till later, we can always nudge the time around.

Looking to do something small. I'm not expecting anything crazy and it'll be nice hanging out and just doing whatever :3

For those looking to set up any routes, Croxley's Address: Croxley's Ale House & Biergarten 155 W Main St, Smithtown, NY 11787


won't be able to make it sadly. ill be coming up friday tho


If I had a way over there and back with a DD, I would consider it.

Can someone please, dig into the code for the user config options and please try to fix it? It's been broken. For a while. In Firefox and Chrome, all fields are expanded (as if you clicked the gear button) and while you can type in any fields, none of them at all work. It's really annoying. Literally every time I log in I am forced to do it by resetting my password, and I can never actually change my password to something I remember and something feasible to type in.

I mean luckily none of my contact information changed but still. :/