Date: 08/12/2017 · Time: 12:00pm
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TENTATIVE DATES: 8/12 & 8/13, 2017

So far same location as past years, if there's a change we'll let you guys know!

Haven't set up rain dates yet BUT it would likely be either 9/2 & 9/3 (Labor Day weekend), OR the weekend after that if ppl have Labor Day weekend plans. (Since Furrydelphia and FAU are on the weekends directly following the BBQ).

Comment here with any scheduling conflicts or etc so we can make any necessary adjustments before officially cementing the dates!

Tumma Karu

Aw snap. August 12th is my brithday! The fiancée and I will have to stop by! :D


I should be able to be there both days but with a different way to get there if my normal transportation isn't available.


hopefully i can make this ill do my best!!

IROC Husky

I will try to make it out, not sure since that is the weekend of both Otakon and Bronycon I might be on staff at Bronycon.


My loves and I will be there with bells on. <3

Anthony { Xeon|Summer

I'm planning on it. If anyone will need a ride get in touch with me on telegram! I'll be open to it, and I can probably fit in up to 3 people depending on who is going and what is being brought! Aiming for both days this time.

Gas money would be appreciated but I'm going to aim to not need to accept any money!


Nice. I'm working on custom printed beer pints to hand out at the BBQ. Once the date is finalized I can add that to the artwork.


So I am going to be ordering some samples of fursuit spray and shampoo from a friend of mine on Wednesday to bring to the OMGWTFBBQ. If anyone is interested please message me ( I can be reached on telegram, Facebook messenger, twitter, instagram and here threw comments.) These are free and I will only be bringing samples for those who contact me by Wednesday. I have a list of scents for anyone interested. I will have business cards with me as well.

IROC Husky

I could try to be there both days. But most likely for that to happen I will need to stay over in Long Island.


hell I'm coming from VA for this i know you can do it

IROC Husky

I will try my best to


I uh. Actually work at that park. I'll stop by if I'm around! Though I'll be picking up dropped garbage and emptying garbage bins XD


Are suits welcome at this parks cause a few friends might come down from other states with suits for this meet if that's okay if not I can always plan another meet solely for suits and such xD


Suits should be fine. There's no rules or anything against them. The staff I work with aren't huge fans of furries but they won't be cruel or mean. And if any patrons become an issue we can get them removed or moved as long as they're made aware to us. Make sure it's reasonable though because we can't act on small things.


Suits have never been an issue. I know a few people as well as myself who suit at the picnic and we've never had an issue.


i suited last year it was fun

Skylar Siviriko

I should be able to make this! Saturday only though, probably. This will probably be the last time I see most of you before I move to Florida :( If it rains I probably won't be able to make the rain dates, since I'll already be gone, so weather be kind to me...

IROC Husky

I will be there both days


So far it looks like i might actually be free that day. Im eager to attend and bring my suit too!


Cant wait to see you all there today! Ill be around working at the park until 3 30, but maybe ill be working field 4 ^^ look for the guy in green pants and a neon yellow park shirt!

Mingan Ohanzee

Here's to hoping its a good day! Hopefully see y'all about : o)


I can totally make the rain dates!