Furpocalypse October 27-29, 2017

Date: 10/28/2017 · Time: 12:00pm
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Next major convention with traditionally large representation of Long Island furries is the Halloween-themed Furpocalypse (former Furfright) October 27th-29th https://www.furpocalypse.org

My favorite route is the Port Jeff ferry (which is almost a mini-furmeet by itself when multiple loads of furpocalypse-furries coincide), it's less than an hour drive from there.

Use this post as an additional resource for your Furpoc ride- and room-sharing!


Will most likely be taking the Hour and a half drive their. If any of you want to hop in youre welcome to, as long as you are willing to pool together for gas.

I got the travel, all i need is a roommate.If you want to talk hotel rooms You can get to me on telegram at https://t.me/Kyawei


Woooo I've not yet taken the ferry route, but maybe mini-furmeet is fine motivation to try it out this year.

Melvis Barksy

I'll be there Friday evening to Sunday afternoon! I might make a few alterations to my fursuit to make me look spooky, like a vampire >:3