Date: 08/12/2017 · Time: 11:00pm
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As teased by Warzy in (see that thread for comments!), The Long Island's own two-day furry event, the OMGWTFBBQ, will take place on the weekend of August 12 and 13.

For a taste of 2016, check out the event page on LI furs facebook group page (and join it while at it) or just look at day 1: day 2:

Quick summary for those who've gone before: same as last year, I host the Saturday, offer after-party and limited crash space at my house overnight, and Warzy hosts the Sunday.

Details for day 1 (largely a copy of last year's)

As for many years now, it takes place in the picnic area of Sunken Meadow State Park, parking field 4, starting at 11 am on Saturday. I'll set up the LIFurs banner.

This is a two day event! You're not required to be present both days, or even all day - swing by for an hour and say hi if you can! Last year we probably saw 100 furries across the weekend of OMGWTFBBQ (badges ran out), though it was maybe 60 at most at any one time.

On Saturday. I will be providing meats, buns, coals, and condiments to last the day (hopefully), but if you want something like a salad or a veggie burger, I have no clue what that even looks like - bring it. Extra coal/ice/whatever is always good, especially later in the afternoon. I'm not bringing alcohol, you're welcome to bring your own beer if you're over 21 (shouldn't have to say it, but no underage drinking)

Don't forget your towel and bathing suit - there is a beach there, too. Also sunscreen, bug repellent, park toys like frisbees/balls/super-soakers/etc. We usually have some fursuiters in attendance, keep in mind it's outdoors in the summer - hot and dusty or sometimes wet - and you may be hijacked by the kids from nearby parties.

Park closes at sunset at which time all are welcome to our house (1202 Stonybrook Rd. Lake Grove NY 11755) - we have renovated the downstairs and will have more room, and should be able to cook up the leftover meats or just order a tower of proper local pizza. There will be (limited) crash space.

On Sunday, Warzy runs the day - I'll keep poking her to make her post too!

If the park is closed on Saturday due to severe weather (not just showers, we bring a canopy for those)... then I guess the afterparty would have to come early. I don't recall ever having to use a rain date, and september is looking busy on my schedule.. we'll have to do a new announcement then.

The closest LIRR station to Sunken Meadow is Kings Park (on Port Jefferson branch), but there is no public transportation to the park itself. Arrange rides.

The event is free except for park entrance fee of $10 per vehicle.

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If I have transportation (Usually Sharkie, but Santo if not avail), I'll be there.