3rd Park Meet Up

Date: 09/30/2017 · Time: 12:00pm
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Looks like I'm doing this again! I asked in the Telegram chat when a good time to have a 3rd park meet would be and most said the end of September, so hopefully the VERY last day of the month (Saturday) will be pretty good for most. The Field 5 parking lot is where I'm hoping to meet up, but in case that's closed for any reason, we can meet at Field 3 or vise versa. Hope to see some of you there ^^


Is this a fursuiting event? I'd like to attend ^_^


Will try to make this


No idea If I can but I will try

Anthony { Xeon|Summer

No guarantee but I'd love to give this a shot if I'm not working.


Hopefully I'll be there!

Ruby Croc

I'll try to be there :)