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Woo! First post of the new year! Happy New Year you fluffballs! Here's to a happy and healthy new year, and perhaps some of us can keep our resolutions a month longer than last year ;P

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Maned Husky fuzzball on the north shore. I'm here to make new friends, so I'd always love a chat.


Oh hey, new people. Hi!


Thanks! I’ve actually been in the LIFurs Telegram chat for a good while, just that my application for the site finally went through! I’m glad to be a member

Mona's Arcade/Karaoke Meet Up

Date: 01/05/2018 · Time: 07:00pm
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So I was thinking that we can all meet up at Round1 in Hicksville, NY for a fun night after the holidays. I will be saving my holiday funds for this event, so if you plan on coming, I would say definitely bring at least $30.00 dollars, but you can always bring more for yourself. It's a pay for yourself type of event, and it should definitely be fun. If anyone wants to do Karaoke, then I'd suggest bringing more money and letting me know ahead of time so I get an idea of how many want to participate in that.

How to get there

Trains - Take rather the Ronkonkoma or Port Jefferson (East or West) line and get off at Hicksville train station. From there you can rather take the n49 to Broadway Mall or you can walk north on Wyckoff Street for a few blocks.

NICE Bus - Take the n49 to Broadway Mall from the Hempstead Terminal, then walk to Round1.

Car/Carpool - Drive rather on the Northern State to Exit 35S or the Long Island Expressway to Exit 41S. From there, make a right into the Broadway Mall lot and park near or get dropped off at Round1. If you hit a fork, that means you went too far.

Able Ride/Access Transit/Taxi - Make sure to give the address to Round1, which is 358 Broadway Mall Suite 1950, Hicksville, NY. If using Able Ride/Access Transit, then I suggest making sure they will bring you home late before reserving for the ride unless you do not mind taking other options back. I will be using Able Ride more than likely to get there.

If anyone wants to set up rides to Round1 and carpools, feel free to in the comments below!

The only rule I ask you to follow is to make sure you leave at the given times depending on your age!! Anyone and everyone is welcome to come, just make sure you have enough money for yourself! Also be respectful and have fun of course!!


Are you meeting at a certain spot or do i just have to look for the group since this is my first fur meet

Mona Tiger

I think we're gonna try to meet at the place. Preferrably somewhere near the entrance.


Ok thank you very much. is it fursuit friendly? asking for a friend


I'm going to assume it is not fursuit friendly, but it might be idea to ask the place.

Mona Tiger

Yea I mean I would ask the place about the fursuit as well. I don't mind if you wear it, but the place might :/

sorry have to cancel my party last minute, a few things came up, I'll see if I can do a party later on next year...sorry again

err heads up...I might end up cancling my meet all together due to tooth pulling the monday fo the week of the party....and I might not be 100%...I'll give a full answer later but for now, just a heads up

Hey guys the person that did this work does take commissions, he's new to the commission scene and honestly I'm kind of doing this for him because he thinks he sucks and he doesn't and he does anthro feral and pokemon art too! he's fast too but don't overload him yet, let him get a taste of how art hungry you fluffballs are! oh and he just turned 18 so let's not ask for smut yet...since I'm not sure he's willing to do that ok guys?