The Long Island Furs is a community of furries that's been unofficially disorganized since July 2006. We regularly have ad-hoc, self-organized furmeets all around the Nassau and Suffolk area. Our members are mostly from Long Island, but also NYC, parts of southern Connecticut and eastern New Jersey, and there's a small diaspora of those of us who've moved away over the years.

What's a furmeet?

Usually it's a house party, but with furries. Sometimes we meet in public for park BBQs, bowling, movies, shameless public fursuiting, or other things.

Can I host a furmeet?

Sure! Just post about it! If nobody's claimed a date, it's usually fair game for you to host an event.

We do have long-standing traditions of OMGWTFBBQ one of the weekends in August, a Holiday Party around the weekend of December 21st, and a New Year's Eve party. Also keep in mind that many people attend Anthrocon and Furpocalypse, so you won't get much attendance if your event conflicts with those dates. But otherwise, if the calendar's open, feel free to go ahead and see what kind of response you get.

What are the rules?

Not many. There are some unwritten standards of conduct that we've kind of agreed on over the years, but basically just don't be a bad person and you'll probably be fine. For more specifics, look here.

Who runs this website?

This site is coded and formerly hosted by Xerxes Qados, as Ratchet Zufreur has took over the hosting and additionally moderated by Ifritx, Cassiopeia, and Lapris. This is not to be confused with leadership.

Everybody makes the rules. The admins just keep the lights on and clean up the mess.