There aren't many. But here's what they are:

Code of Conduct

Don't be a bad person. That's basically it.

This applies online and offline.

Age Restrictions

We don't have any. Everyone's welcome and always has been. Keep in mind that minors use the site, though. You don't have to "watch your language" or anything but maybe keep discussions of sex, drugs, and violence off the public forum. Letting people under 18 be a part of this community has helped keep it strong and vibrant for many years and we don't want to scare anyone's mom away.

Noise Policy

Every time you create a new post (Write Post, Share Image, or Announce Event), it will email almost every member of the site. Do not abuse this power. Use common sense, and don't spam people. An upcoming redesign of the site will include a system to accomodate more noise, and encourage more casual posting in a place where you don't have to worry about spamming people's inboxes. Until then, just keep it to a dull roar.


The Long Island Furs is not a dictatorship. Everyone has a say in what goes on. That does not mean we vote on stuff, it means we discuss stuff. The site administrators are not "leaders," they're just senior members of the community who are well respected, and their job is to figure out how the community is feeling and act according to what everyone wants. That also goes for furmeet hosts offline. This site, and any furmeet announced here, belongs to everyone in the community.

Site administrators and furmeet hosts are all volunteers, and so far we haven't needed to do anything complicated like having elections. People just kind of get power organically as everyone gets to know them. We do our best to keep everything open and welcoming, and not to let anyone abuse their social status. If anyone ever does, please complain loudly.